@MoJGovUK #Victims and #Whistleblowers Unite in Maidstone @ Mote Park Leisure Centre Sat 18 June at 7.30pm

I wish I lived nearer the venue, but this must be a beam of light in dark places.

Victims Unite!

16 06 15 MaidstoneThis event is organised by Yolande Kenward who has been helping many victims of the courts as a McKenzie Friend.

With the email below, she invites members of the Judiciary to an event she’s organising next Saturday.

Here’s the programme:

Educational Talks & Videos about what goes on in Maidstone 18.6.2016

This event is to educate the people of Maidstone/Kent as to what your council tax is being used for as well as to raise money for the Patient Support Trust to reduce the risks for patients and children.  To attend the event starting at 7.30pm on 18.6.2016 please make a payment of £6 per person to a Metro Bank account that I set up yesterday solely for the purpose of this event whilst a business account is being set up ie  Mrs Y A Kenward Sort Code 23-08-80  Account number 20258217. I will check online to compile a list…

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