Question It!

There may be a question of ‘Can we afford it?’ which then beggars the question, ‘Can we afford NOT to have it?’

Researching Reform

Welcome to another week.

In a recent article in The Times online, it has been suggested that the nation’s Independent Inquiry Into Child Sexual Abuse has gone beyond its intended role in creating its Truth Project, which The Times claims has turned the inquiry into a pseudo-judicial body, effectively trying facts as if it is a court of law.  The article also goes on to say that the Inquiry is simply too big and too ambitious a project.

Setting aside the fact that The Times misunderstood the remit of the Truth Project completely (and had to print a correction as  result), it is true that the Inquiry has grown in size since its creation. The Inquiry has had to extend its investigation out of necessity, due to the sheer number of allegations the police and other law enforcement organisations have received. It also has to contend with…

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