Conference: Achieving Justice For Children And Their Families

This may be one to consider if you share any of these issues.

Researching Reform

A two day International Research Conference at Northumbria University has been scheduled in October to look at ways in which family professionals can ensure parents and children in need of support are able to access justice.

The conference, which runs from 8th-9th October this year, will encourage people to share their experiences of working in the Family Court following the implementation of the Public Law Outline in 2008, and the modernization of the family justice system which has led to many changes within the family courts.

Topics for discussion will include the rise of Litigants in Person, and McKenzie Friends who assist families unable to pay for solicitors and barristers; helping families access legal advice; how families and children feel about the way the Family Court works, and ways in which the system can be improved.

The main themes for the conference are:

  • Advocacy and Capacity: the rhetoric and reality of representation for…

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