ANALYSIS: Why Camerlot and the Corbynites seem to get along just fine

A common-sense view of recent happenings, minus any frills, makes invigorating reading. You’ll love it – or hate it, so you can make up your own mind.

The Slog.

Me22616Judging from the last forty-eight hours, neither of the Establishment losers have learned anything from Friday’s referendum. But if nothing else, Camerlot has at least accepted the result with good grace. While this may be a case of “be sincere even if you don’t mean it”, the British liberal-Left axis has shown yet again that it dislikes being rebuffed. Not too far below the surface, the Establishment detests the citizenry. But Labour, as usual, wears its superiority complex on its sleeve. The Slog examines whether socialist ideology has any place any more in a society struggling to win back its democratic rights.

Towards the end of June 1969, I turned over my Degree finals Political Theory exam paper, and saw the first question:

‘Democratic Socialism is a contradiction in terms: discuss’

If you answered questions as open as that – way back then, when original thought was valued as opposed…

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