#ForcedAdoption Children and Social Work Bill at Committee Stage in House of Lords

Just when we thought things might be getting better, along came the bogey man and poured a can of worms into the proceedings.

No Punishment without Crime or Bereavement without Death!

cb6c7c5f-6e35-4ddc-b271-578ad6c9a84cThis is a serious bill that seems to enshrine WORSENING of what Social Services are doing to families already.

It talks about ‘Corporate Parenting’ as if that was NORMAL…

It is pro-adoption without even mentioning parental consent. Yet it is known that 96% of all adoptions are ‘forced’, i.e. children are forcibly removed, their removal is legitimised in secret family courts and judges enforce the adoption against the parents’ wills.

Before our eyes. In our face. Daylight robbery. Of children!!! I am soo shocked! And I guess so will be the 5,900 supporters who signed our online petition to STOP forced adoptions where we changed the title to stop forced REMOVALS!

Here are the critical links:

  1. Lord Nash – the Government Representative as Sponsor
  2. The Text
  3. The Legislative Stage or Progress of the Bill
  4. The First Reading on 15 May 2016
  5. The Debate on 14 June 2016 –…

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