Question It!

Not so much a question of – if justice it can be delivered, but when. If there is enough money to wage war on people, how much more should we be able to afford waging war on those who have harmed; or may harm – our young people who are the future of our country.

Researching Reform

Welcome to another week.

Despite the Independent Inquiry Into Child Sexual Abuse’s best efforts to tackle mounting allegations, old thoughts and ideas about public inquiries live on, with some still claiming that its work is doomed to fail.

Those in favour of the Inquiry say that it will give victims a voice and give them the chance to unburden themselves of terrible truths they’ve had to live with for decades. Inquiries can also vindicate survivors who have alleged abuse, and bring individuals who have committed terrible crimes to justice.

Those against the nation’s Inquiry into child sexual abuse take the view that inquiry panels are nothing more than Whitehall’s puppets, forced to find whatever they’re told to, regardless of the truth. Many of those accused are also now dead, which can compromise subsequent investigations and potentially tilt the right to a fair trial the wrong way. Cost too is often mentioned as a…

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2 comments on “Question It!

  1. it is a very unfair war when an average person fights against a corporate or government!


  2. I find it very frustrating when governments, such as ours in UK, are able to find the money to wage war, but plead there is insufficient money for health care, welfare and education of the people who pay the taxes with which they finance the wars.


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