Are you represented? Letters to an MP.

This is a ‘must read’ for those who value that rare commodity in politics – an appreciation of a man of integrity.

My World, Your World, One World

corbynAfter the recent events in UK politics, I have been emailing my MP – have done so fairly regularly anyway. I think and hope that direct letters have some effect. The generic content of the last two sent, with personal to him stuff edited out, is below. I think everyone should make contact with their representatives, that is part of action, not standing by. Use any of this that is useful to you, with respect please.

To my MP – who joined the call for Jeremy Corbyn to resign:

Are you feeling a bit foolish? People who have really suffered austerity or watched helplessly as others suffer, REALLY need to have hope of progressive change. Now although the Parliamentary Labour Party [PLP] has fallen like dominoes, following resignations, it seems clear that there is no other candidate that will enable people to feel confident. Many of us seem to be…

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