Clair King Solicitor

Read this and view the tip of the iceberg that is the current state of the conundrum that is British Justice in 2016. Read and despair for those already on this treadmill leading nowhere, but which has caused so many to spend what remains of their lives, beating their heads against legal corruption and the cast iron wall of bureaucracy that surrounds it.

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[PDF] Children’s Legal Assistance Register 

Clair King,  PC 854 Ali  York,  Adrian Otis Goldsmith

To hide her crimes and that of others. Then they began destroying court documents and other files relating to the first case which did originate back to 2008. Read the judgment and you find Rumbelow make reference to police records not being present. That is Rumbelow giving the thumbs up to the police and the other slimeballs, the deed is done all documents are removed from public inspection.  Remember the name Clair King and run.

The commital Proceedings were held in public, the court did invite a news reporter to report the proceedings  The reporter refused to produce the article based on what Judge Rumbelow was reading out in the Courtroom.

At the same hearing, the mother did serve on all parties their copies of the Appellant Notice, sealed by the Civil Appeals Court in London.

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