Brexit is not a central problem facing Britain: end the self-pity or become marginalised.

A long read – yes, but worth the effort if you like the truth as opposed to fairytales.

The Slog.

mesnipWith every day that passes, the scare tactics and wild predictions scattered on stony ground by the Remain camp have failed to germinate. The 48% need to  put a stop to the infantile wrenting of clothes, wake up to what 23 days have done for everyone in Britain, and face the much bigger obstacles and opportunities that lie before us. To do otherwise will simply result in them becoming a laughing stock….something the squabbling Left can ill afford.

Following his appointment, new Chancellor Philip Hammond moved at the speed of light to say that “in the changed circumstances”, Britons should not expect the UK’s deficit targets to be met any time soon. Aside from the idiotic decision of one ratings agency to downgrade the UK’s borrowing score by half a notch, the market circumstances haven’t changed at all….and neither this nor the recent drops in the value of Sterling have…

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