@MoJGovUK CPS? Police? Judges? Lawyers? Who’s afraid of #Truth? Who prefers incompetence and #corruption?

This is pure farce – only it isn’t funny and no one is laughing. No story-teller could invent the catalogue of events that make up these travesties of justice.

Victims Unite!

16 07 09 Mail Online top16 07 09 Mail Online bottProsecuting lawyers ‘are lacking brain cells and don’t understand criminal trials’, blasts retiring judge – publishes the Daily Mail – two days before my trial that has been joined to another one:

  • Christopher Ball QC accused prosecution of service of ‘lacking brain cells’
  • Retiring judge claimed some lawyers ‘don’t understand’ criminal trials
  • Controversial comments were made during his recent retirement speech
  • Mr Ball has sat at Chelmsford Crown Court, in Essex, since 2001.

Veteran victim Norman Scarth writes:

The power of The Press is great, but the power of suppression is much greater.

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