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Make the children pay the price while the real criminals still walk free.

Researching Reform

Welcome to another week.

The news this month that the Speaker of the House of Philippine Congress filed two proposed laws, which would lower the age of criminal responsibility for children to 9 years old and reintroduce the death penalty by hanging, went largely unnoticed.

The proposal is in response to the country’s illegal drug trade, where syndicates often use young children as drug pushers. These syndicates are taking advantage of current legislation which exempts children 15 years old and under from any criminal liability. An association of private schools in the country has backed the proposal.

If passed, the laws would affect a significant number of vulnerable children, many of whom are neglected, homeless and easy prey for drug lords looking for low risk options to move their narcotics.

The government has previously tried to tackle the illegal drug trade by placing bounties on drug lords

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