Conference: Protecting Children from Unnecessary Genital Surgeries

Essential reading for all who care what happens to our children, and all those around the world. Time for this kind of evil mutilation to end – NOW.

Researching Reform

Charity Genital Autonomy is holding its next symposium at Keele University on 14-16 September, and everyone is welcome to attend.

Genital Autonomy is also a concept, sometimes defined as the freedom and moral independence of every human being to choose what to do with his or her sexual organs. This right can be removed from children for religious or perceived hygiene reasons, despite growing evidence showing that non-medical genital surgery is incredibly painful for children and does not protect against disease. Practices which are often discussed when looking at Genital Autonomy include Female Genital Mutilation (FGM), and circumcision.

The charity’s aim is to promote, preserve and protect the health and well-being of male, female and intersex children by protecting them from unnecessary genital surgery or modification; and to promote the human rights of children in relation to genital surgery or modification as set out in the UN Convention on the…

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