Question it!

Without knowing the facts no one is qualified to give judgement, but one thing is certain, we have a system that is not fit for purpose and until it is rectified, nothing will, or can improve. Meanwhile, the victims suffer.

Researching Reform

Welcome to another week.

The Court Of Protection has often raised concerns for the secretive way in which it conducts its business. With far reaching powers like the ability to compel individuals to undergo abortions, surgery and even detain those considered to be mentally impaired in places like hospitals, it is a court with an enormous amount of influence on day-to-day living.

Google “Court of Protection Problems” and a lot of items come up, including an article from The Guardian which explains why the Court Of Protection carries out much of its work behind closed doors. The piece explains that many of the cases the Court hears are private and involve families who would prefer not to let the world in on their personal affairs.

But every now and then a case crops up which blurs the boundary between right to privacy and public interest, and raises questions about the judges…

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