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  1. if only they cared to..


    • Children have long been the silent victims of adult abuse. Confession may be good for the soul but the courage needed to come forward and reveal the truth is an awesome step into the unknown, since the victim has already suffered the trauma of the abuse and the belief that no one will believe their word against that of the abuser.

      It’s all too easy to go from one extreme to the other – believe all blindly or tread softly and take one step at a time. Sometimes it’s hard to believe such things and people exist, but they do. Social workers are among the most overworked and, too often, vilified of the welfare system; largely because they lack status and training.

      To claim you are a ‘social-worker’ can sometimes raise eyebrows and a hint of scepticism, but it is a vital link in the chain that can raise a child’s life from one of deprivation and degradation to one of hope and fulfillment. Many years ago when I was a headteacher, social workers and the district nurse/health visitor were our first points of contact – they never failed us or the children who needed help – but obviously there were flaws even in that system as history has proved.

      But given a genuine desire to improve the lives and futures of children in need, only good will result from the efforts of those involved – as long as we do not shut our eyes and ears to those sometimes silent cries for help that require the eyes and ears of highly trained specialists, and priority is given to appreciate these people rather than the manufacturers of death-dealing weapons and war.


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