Reputation Management At The Child Abuse Inquiry

Dare we hope that integrity will win at last?

Researching Reform

When news first hit that the lead counsel to the nation’s child abuse inquiry had been suspended over concerns relating to his management of the team, it took less than 24 hours for Emmerson to instruct lawyers.

And no wonder. Plagued by rumours of bullying, and tense working relationships with other lawyers in the team which led to at least one senior lawyer resigning from the Inquiry, and others resigning ‘for unknown reasons’, Emmerson’s reputation has now been called into question. But it is his suspension from the Inquiry which will do him the most damage, even though the Inquiry has this morning confirmed that it will no longer be investigating Emmerson.

Other lawyers working on the Janner branch of the Inquiry also quietly resigned after it emerged that investigations into the late peer might be dropped. It has since been confirmed that the Inquiry intends to keep on with this investigation

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