Conference: Insider Information On The Child Abuse Inquiry (Allegedly)

Researching Reform

A free conference looking at issues related to the Child Abuse Inquiry has been scheduled in November by barristers’ chambers and aims to offer an inside look at the investigation.

The opening description reads like this:

“The reasons behind the recent resignations at the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse (the Inquiry), the ongoing media debate about anonymity for the accused and/or deceased, the personal, financial and organisational costs of dealing with the impact of sexual abuse, the scope of and scepticism about the Inquiry investigations and how to provide support to those who have been abused are just some of the issues, challenges and topics of current relevance to non-recent sexual abuse allegations and how we ensure the protection of children today.”

It strikes us as odd that the first item listed relates to offering up reasons as to why an unusual number of lawyers have fled the Inquiry…

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