Police Bail in the Public Debate after Abuse to Cover-Up #ChildAbuse. Unchecked Malpractice? @MoJ @metpoliceuk

Victims Unite!

15-03-17-home-affairsAfter six arrests since 04 August 2015 I know from experience:

  • from a highly distasteful ‘booking in’ procedure to being released takes at least 10 if not 43 hours;
  • being released means Police can impose ‘bail conditions’ which the ‘arresting officer’ determines;
  • whilst in a cell, doctors deny you the supplement that prevents you from having painful muscular cramps, because they want to get rid of their Paracetamol and pills to ‘calm you’;
  • meanwhile the Crown Prosecution Service [CPS or ‘Clown Prosecution Services’, as has been suggested] decides whether to formulate ‘charges’ or not – possibly based on the results from investigating computers and phones that they ‘seized’;
  • if yes, you are taken to court, possibly in handcuffs, after your walking sticks were taken away;
  • in Court, you are given ‘Court Bail’ which can rectify the ‘Police Bail’ and thus ‘Law Enforcement’ hands over to ‘The Rule of Law’;
  • if you’re…

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