Professor Jay: I Won’t Reduce Child Abuse Inquiry Scope

Researching Reform

Having recently promised to deliver a new strategy  for the Child Abuse Inquiry “within a few weeks”, Professor Jay powered ahead and produced that strategy yesterday.

Professor Jay has always been adamant that the Inquiry’s scope would not be limited, and she has stayed true to her word. Whilst the Chair will be reducing the number of public inquiries taking place, she will not be limiting investigations or changing the terms of reference.

In the document, the Chair for the nation’s Independent Inquiry Into Child Sexual Abuse, outlines a new format for investigating non recent, and recent child abuse which divides the Inquiry into four strands:

  • Cultural: This strand will examine the attitudes, behaviours and values within institutions that have so far prevented the UK from stopping child sexual abuse.
  • Structural: This looks at the legislative, governance and organisational frameworks within and between institutions.
  • Financial: This has been added to consider the financial…

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