High Praise and New Headquarters For Leading Fathers’ Charity

Good to know there’s help at the end of a long line of anxiety for dads too.

Researching Reform

Pioneering lone fathers charity Dads House has had a wonderful week. It has just moved in to its shiny new office in London, after becoming the first charity in Europe to offer lone and single fathers temporary accommodation.

CEO and founder, Billy McGranaghan, shared a photo of the new headquarters:

DadsHouse office.png

Dads House also received an email from a father the organisation helped recently, which describes why the charity is so special, and why the work they do is vital. It also highlights the ongoing lack of support for single parents and lack of care by councils across the country:

“It’s been 3 long years since I became a single Father. I was working and coming home to my beautiful son. After 9 months of what seemed like constant arguing and fighting to maintain a family unit for my boy, I had become exasperated by the relationship between my son’s mother…

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