Change Of Inquiry Scope Prompts More Lawyers To Leave

Perhaps we can now look forward to deeds rather than reams of expensive words that lawyers are so good at spinning out over long periods while pocketing lots of lovely money.

Researching Reform

The nation’s Independent Inquiry Into Child Sexual Abuse is bleeding lawyers.

Tony Fisher, one of the original barristers who joined the Inquiry and acted as first junior counsel, making him a senior member of the legal team, has left the Inquiry. BBC Newsnight reports that Mr Fisher resigned after becoming concerned about the investigation’s “Progress and Direction”, but what does that mean, exactly?

Since Professor Jay’s appointment as Chair, the Inquiry has moved fast. She released her report on the current status of the Inquiry and set down recommendations to make it less clunky and more effective, in record time. The Wales Office is now open and she has just released an update on further developments. We haven’t seen organisation and determination like this since the Inquiry was set up.

What is new, of course, is the direction the Inquiry is taking. Whilst it is not limiting itself in terms of…

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