Call For Child Abuse Inquiry Panel Members To Give Evidence – Stroke Of Genius Or A System In Crisis?

I suppose there’s more than one way to get the train off-track when there’s a risk the truth may win through.

Researching Reform

Those already deeply suspicious of the nation’s Independent Inquiry Into Child Abuse are probably feeling very smug this week. The news that the Home Affairs Select Committee wants to summon Inquiry panel members to give evidence before it looks at first glance like a significant distraction from the investigation’s original remit – to gather evidence about child protection failings from agents of government departments and privately run organisations.

New Chair for the Committee, Yvette Cooper insists she wants to call panel members on grounds of transparency. She says:

“Given the two-year history of problems in the inquiry, it is vitally important that there is some transparency over the things that have gone wrong in the past and the way it is working now, so people can have confidence that problems are now being resolved and the work is back on track. It will be for the committee to decide when and…

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