Researching Reform For Jordans: Leaked Emails, Lawsuits And Child Refugees

The pint pot is being stretched to accommodate a gallon.

Researching Reform

For our column over at Jordans Lexis Nexis this month, we decided to write about the government’s significant blunders over the child refugee crisis and several calculated decisions which have left these children without the help and support they need.

As these children face the prospect of foster care rather than being reunited with their relatives as was meant to happen, we ask how social workers will cope in an already rammed system once they find the responsibility to assess and direct these children falls on their shoulders, which it will.

You can catch the article over at Jordans, and it is also added below:

Calais’ Child Refugees – Leaked Emails, Law Suits and Local Authority Mission Impossibles

As Britain accepts the first group of children from the fast disappearing Calais Jungle, the lack of government organisation, care and accommodation for these young refugees is nothing short of a…

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