Women In Law – Secretary Of State Announces “Call To Arms”

I’m all for more women being considered for the top jobs in any profession; none more so than the law. What we need are more honest brokers among those in the legal profession. We need to improve the image. It’s record has become tarnished over time. Respect has diminished while fear of the law and lawyers, among ordinary people, has increased.

Researching Reform

Secretary of State, Elizabeth Truss MP gave a speech this week, celebrating 100 years of women in law, which she said was a “call to arms“.

The aim of the speech was to highlight a new focus inside the legal profession which would aim to source future judges on the bases of talent and potential, rather than hours spent at the office or the court room.

In order to do this, she put forward four proposals:

1. A Top 100 Talent competition.

  • In the next Recorder competition, expected to launch in February 2017, we will appoint judges from the top 100 talent.
  • No longer will they be required to have experience in any particular type of law, be it crime, family or civil.
  • Nor does it matter where they live, as applicants will no longer be bound to a specific location. We will simply be looking for the best 100 applicants from…

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