Child Abuse Inquiry Updates

Reason enough to ensure that in future, the press and those investigating allegations do not jump in with both feet by naming and shaming individuals – unless and until the allegations are proved or the names cleared.

That there has been abuse is no longer a myth, but remember the rich and powerful still have might on their side, and might, though not always right, can generally be made to appear so – which may be why the innocent, the weak and the poor are so often side-lined.

Researching Reform

There’s been a lot of movement at the nation’s Independent Inquiry Into Child Sexual Abuse this week, so we felt it was important to write a post on this.

The resignation of another senior lawyer at the Inquiry has left victims and survivors feeling angry and disappointed that panel members are allowing disagreements to get in the way of the Inquiry’s work.

Adding to this feeling of despair is the news that the Inquiry’s investigation into the late Peer, Lord Janner, has also been delayed.  The damning report into Police investigations over the allegations of a VIP paedophile ring, which identified over 40 failings, has also left its mark – ‘Nick’, the man who claimed he had been raped by several MPs is now himself under investigation. The police have rounded on the judge who made the findings, warning that the report could deter victims from coming forward in the…

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