Defying Religious Justifications For Violence – A Handbook

Toleration of other people’s beliefs and points of view may be half-way to a peaceful co-existence.

Researching Reform

Ahead of Universal Children’s Day on Sunday 20th November, I thought I would share something very special with you.

As part of an international effort to end violence against children, a newly published guide offering ways to end the practice of physical punishment of children in multi religious gatherings has been made available to people worldwide.

This extraordinary handbook was prepared by The United Nations, Save The Children, The Global Partnership To End Violence Against Children and The Churches’ Network For Non Violence, and sees human rights and religious leaders come together to tackle the idea that religion legitimately condones violence, by empowering Faith communities to think about religious custom and tradition differently.

The central idea is summarised by Dr William Vendley, Secretary General of Religions for Peace:

“To be faithful is not simply to repeat a tradition but to be creative in a new situation.… We must desacralize those traditions which cause…

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