Shock Letters To Reveal Culture Of Bullying & Harassment At Child Abuse Inquiry

Complacency and a refusal to acknowledge the truth may be destructive and corrosive influences in any inquiry.

Researching Reform

Welcome to another week.

No time for a question today, as there have been some important developments this morning, at the Child Abuse Inquiry. This is what you need to know:

Letters sent to MPs by lawyers who resigned from the Inquiry may be published tomorrow, and could detail very concerning allegations about the working culture inside the child abuse inquiry. Media reports suggest that the letters are expected to outline shocking levels of discord within the Inquiry panel and detailed criticisms of the current Chair, Professor Jay which include her inaction in the face of a culture of bullying and harassment at the Inquiry. The lawyers’ letters are reported to say that Professor Jay not only knew about these issues and ignored them, but also tried to conceal the allegation of sexual assault by a team member against former Lead Counsel, Ben Emmerson.

The father of the woman who…

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