The Real Reason Survivors Are Abandoning The Child Abuse Inquiry

That there are questions to answer is clear, but the how and wherefore have still to be determined. The way ahead is murky, and the ruts are getting deeper, but the questions must be answered and clear, fearless leadership is essential.

Researching Reform

Whilst letters sent to the Committee from Inquiry lawyers who resigned have not yet been published (we can expect them some time this week), further news continues to come to light about the extent of the tensions between the different bodies at the investigation.

It’s emerged that Survivors and Victims assisting the Inquiry have been asked to sign a code of conduct, and it’s this requirement that’s been at the heart of a 500 strong Group making a swift exit. You have to give whoever is doing the PR at the Inquiry, kudos – anyone with the slightest understanding of survivors would have realised this request would only enrage and further traumatise these Groups. There’s a delicious irony to the Inquiry asking survivors to sign a code of conduct. The Inquiry panel has singlehandedly managed to demonstrate the worst professional conduct ever seen within an investigation of its kind.

As public pressure mounts…

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