Letters To Child Abuse Inquiry Condemn Handling Of Assault Allegation And Exposes Tensions With Home Affairs Committee

This was never going to be a straightforward case, and the convoluted proceedings of the enquiry so far have proved only what my grandmother told me years ago is as true today as it ever was: “Oh what a tangled web we weave when once we practice to deceive.”

Researching Reform

The news this morning is that three out of the four lawyers invited to send letters to the Home Affairs Select Committee outlining why they chose to leave the Inquiry have declined to provide information unless the statutory inquiry agrees to waive its right to confidentiality, and Parliamentary Privilege.

However, some letters have been published within the Committee’s newly released report into the Inquiry. Former counsel to the Inquiry, Hugh Davies QC’s letter is now available to read, and in it, he makes several criticisms of the way the Inquiry handled the allegation of sexual assault at the investigation. Here are some extracts from that letter:

“Assuming such disclosures were made – and it does not appear to be challenged that they were – important safeguarding issues and responsibilities arise. These duties are obviously engaged whether or not the person making the disclosure wishes to pursue it as a formal…

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