The Spectre of Sexual Abuse

The spectre of sexual abuse being prevalent in yet more aspects of the daily life of our young people, is one that hits at the foundation and heart of modern culture, but it is time to look hard at what we call ‘human-nature’.

Sexual abuse and exploitation is as old as time itself and no one is able to explain why humans should perpetrate such vile acts upon the young of the species.

Psychiatrists and psychologists have tried and therapists attempt to deal with victims and perpetrators. All admit their success rate falls short of expectations – but it is necessary for them to try.

Nevertheless, while politicians wring their hands and the legal fraternity rake in the money bags, little is being done. The will to succeed and the necessary funding to train psychiatrists from already qualified doctors, as well as psychologists and therapists from suitably qualified candidates, must be regarded as every bit as critical as those of Brexit and immigration. Experts are in short supply as are designated premises; purpose-built premises are almost non-existent.

From past experience, I am afraid the current revelations will prove to be another storm in the proverbial teacup – debated hotly by our politicians for an all too short period; tossed around by the popular media, and then dumped on a back burner.

Meanwhile, the victims will continue to cry in vain for justice. They may end up in exactly the same way as the families of the Aberfan disaster in 1966 who were ignored by Lord Robens, chairman of the National Coal Board, and backed by Lord Tonypandy – then George Thomas MP – at the Welsh Office, told to pay for the clean up themselves from the disaster fund. Robens accepted no responsibility for the disaster – having ignored all warnings, and arrogantly proceeded to travel to America aboard the ‘Queen Mary’ where he later delivered lectures on ‘Health & Safety’. This injustice was not rectified until 2007.

Fifty years is a long time to wait for justice. Too many victims of sexual exploitation have gone to their graves still waiting. I believe many more may do the same unless those with the power to do so determine that events must move more surely – and more swiftly so justice can be delivered.

5 comments on “The Spectre of Sexual Abuse

  1. Harbans says:

    Thanks a lot for sharing about spectre of Sexual Abuse Sexual abuse is really a curse though it has been prevalent since the time memorial yet it seems more because of publicity through different media publicity. I take it as a psychological disease and may be more because of internet et. But its consequences are really very harrowing.


    • Sadly, some of the victims become the perpetrators in later life. It is difficult to understand what turns a victim into a sadist and predator, but the facts point to a self-perpetuating cycle of evil that has found support, even sanctuary among the rich and powerful. It reflects badly on the modern obsession with the celebrity culture of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries whereby famous names have been allowed to defy the laws of decency as well as those of society.

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      • Harbans says:

        Lately, it has become a fashion to be controversial through utterances and adopting unethical ways. You are right that such people get sadistic satisfaction. Such results may or may not be good for the common masses. Defiance of laws on every silly matters tells bad on the people in general. When this situation will improve only time will tell. Regards


  2. Thank you for this going through something horrendous at the minute with no justice it’s just not fair or good enough


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