Section 20: You CAN Remove Your Child From Local Authority Accomodation

What makes all this even more disgraceful and distressing is that those who have the knowledge are using it for all the wrong reasons. The tactics of law and order, as described by the victims with experience of suffering the results, make the whole thing sound like a nightmare perpetrated by ghouls.

Too many in positions of power, misuse it and become besotted with their own image of invincibility. Arrogance replaces concern and a genuine desire to exert a more positive influence for the good of society.

There is too a question of over-large remuneration reflected in salaries that are way out of proportion to the contribution made by the top ‘brass’ to the society that foots the bill

Researching Reform

A thought-provoking meeting yesterday reminded us that Section 20 arrangements (agreements which allow a local authority to place a child in accommodation where there may be child welfare concerns) are still a problem area for many families.

As a quick recap, we thought we would add these key points for parents below:

  • Section 20 arrangements are voluntary – this means that the local authority cannot place a child in alternative accommodation unless parents agree to the arrangement.
  •  You are entitled to be fully informed – the local authority must offer you as much information as you need, in a clear and accessible format
  • If you have parental responsibility for a child, you can remove your child from accommodation provided by or on behalf of the local authority at any time
  • If a child is 16 or 17, they can leave the accommodation without parental consent
  • Always ask for a S.20…

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