The Child Abuse Inquiry – One Of The Great Success Stories Of Our Time

Because I plan to move house and downsize I have been looking through paperwork stretching back several years.

I found that a public inquiry instigated by a family dissatisfied with the professional hospital opinion concerning the death of their father and grandfather, resulted in a verdict at odds with the professional whitewash offered, and a full apology from the health board concerned two years later.

It didn’t bring back the deceased parent and grandparent, but it did justify and reward the tenacity of the family in their search for justice, and the small role I played in putting pen to paper on their behalf.

Researching Reform

Overwhelmed by resignations and allegations of in-house bullying and sexual assault, the nation’s Independent Inquiry Into Child Sexual Abuse is being widely described as a complete disaster but it’s a misguided view which fails to understand just how fruitful this Inquiry has been, and why.

The backdrop for these apparently awful events centers around a long and unpleasant history featuring UK Public Inquiries. A look at the National Archives reveals a staggering amount of inquiries in their many forms, but despite the sheer volume of investigations, a significant portion have been plagued with rumours of cover ups and consistent failings to implement the findings they make.

Unsurprisingly, government sanctioned inquiries as vehicles for change haven’t been well received: an independent survey in 2012, of 2000 members of the public, showed that 73% lacked confidence in the Public Inquiry process and were dissatisfied with the length and cost of the…

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