Question It!

Above all, children need to feel safe; that their trust will not be betrayed. It is of paramount importance that those entrusted with this responsibility are trained thoroughly and not fast-tracked in any way. They will need to be mobile – rather like therapists and peripatetic teachers, but specialists in their field of expertise.

Mere tea and sympathy have no place in this scenario. Children who have been abused may well grow into stunted adults. Nurturing the young appears to come easily to most animal species – except the human variety and too many young parents find helping hands in their communities few and far between. It is the price we pay for scattered families.

I believe that, as with any good doctor/patient scenario, to understand the pain and make a diagnosis, the child/patient has to be listened to – and heard – before a worthwhile decision can be reached and treatment prescribed. Contrary to many misconceptions of modern-day bureaucracy, children and people are not boxes to be ticked.

Researching Reform

Welcome to another week.

Home Secretary Amber Rudd would like to set up specialist training for police officers dealing with child sexual abuse. Under the current proposal, police officers would be trained and accredited in the same way officers carrying firearms are. Once officers passed the training, they would then be awarded a license.

The idea comes after a damning report into the Metropolitan Police revealed that mistakes were made in 75% of cases involving child abuse.

It is not clear what kind of training the police might receive or how long the training will last.

Our question then, is this: do you think specialist training for police working on child abuse cases is a good idea?


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