Footballer Andy Woodward To Speak At Meeting On Child Sex Abuse In Sport (Public Event)

The more voices there are, the greater the sound wave, and the greater the tide, the more likely there is to be a tsunami of courage to break the barriers of suffering. Justice will win in the end.

Researching Reform

In response to the latest news that child sexual abuse has been rife within sports like football, Voicing CSA, a project which works with the Independent Inquiry Into Child Sexual Abuse supporting survivors and victims, will be hosting a meeting next year to address the issues. It is understood that the project will be asking the Inquiry to look at child sexual abuse in sport.

Speakers attending include former professional footballer Andy Woodward, who has been in the news recently talking about his own terrible experiences at the hands of convicted paedophile coach Barry Bennell.

The Voicing CSA website explains the purpose of the meeting in more detail:

“The meeting is in response to the disclosure by survivors of childhood sexual abuse by ex and  current football players. It is all encompassing and includes all sport.

Speakers include Andy Woodward, survivor and former footballer. Steve Walters former midfielder and…

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