Chasing Light at the Louvre

The essence of Paris captured through a camera lens.

Somehow it wasn’t until this winter that I noticed how wonderful December light is in Paris. The low sun casts a wonderfully theatrical spotlight, and shorter days mean you’re more likely to experience the feeling of early morning or dusk. All those layers of extra atmosphere between the light and the lens…it’s like nature’s Instagram filter.

I must be getting more into photography because I find myself doing something new: chasing sunlight. I often quicken my pace, sometimes to a slow jog, to reach a sunny spot before a cloud steals away its ambiance.

When I come across a scene and the mood is right I feel an excited sense of urgency, as if I’m playing Hungry Hungry Hippos and all the potentially award-winning photos surround me like white marbles. I’ve got to gobble up as many as possible before time’s up.

When giving tours of Paris I sometimes talk…

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