Transparency In Document Production – The Key To Better Family Courts?

Such a blatant mishandling of evidence and the resulting injustice delivered upon mother and children is almost beyond belief – except that we know of too many such cases.

I would agree that the judge in the case needs to come under microscopic scrutiny, but who would undertake that? It’s doubtful any of his peers would be so inclined. Oh for a Justice John Deed in real life instead of only on television.

Researching Reform

A recent case where a mother and her children were wrongfully separated by a local authority, raises ongoing and very serious concerns about professional conduct inside the child protection sector.

In this case the mother was incorrectly accused of filming and taking part in a video which showed a woman abusing a child. Whilst the woman in the video was later found not to be the mother, and the child not the daughter, police did not share these facts with the local authority until care proceedings took place in November. As a result of the non disclosure, the children were placed in care and spent 10 months in a fostering placement before care proceedings began.

The implication from the article in Community Care is that the police appear to have been embarrassed by the error, and so instead of admitting the individuals in the video were not the mother and child…

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