Question It!

This sounds suspiciously like the powers-that-be seeking to muddy the waters and casting doubts before the start of any enquiries.

Researching Reform

Welcome to another week.

As part of its Truth Project, which records and publishes individual experiences related to abuse, it has been revealed that the nation’s child abuse inquiry will be going into jails to ask prisoners about their personal experiences of child abuse.

The Inquiry believes the prison population harbours a significant portion of victims of child abuse and that several inmates may have turned to crime after being damaged by their treatment as children.

Critics of the move have expressed concern that some prisoners may lie about having been abused to justify their offences or make fraudulent compensation claims. Others are questioning the way in which the experiences will be collected, suggesting that allowing experiences to be recorded by the Project before checking the facts could lead to innocent people being implicated.

Barrister, Barbara Hewson:

“I think it is trawling. It’s all very well to say they want…

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