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It is painfully obvious that much remains to be done about and for children in care. Such problems were recorded more than two centuries ago and led to the foundation of charitable foundations that still exist. Some lessons may have been learned but too many remain like festering sores blighting the whole ethos of society.
Much talk and time by many people has resulted in many words being written and spoken but still too many children are being lost within the system that weaves miles of red tape; favours political obfuscation and places too much emphasis on the ceremony of officialdom.
In other words, the Establishment has too many fingers meddling in too many pies. What is needed, is more help for failing or struggling parents and less condemnation by those who look, but do not see the hardship; listen but do not hear the cries of anguish from them or their children.
Complacency is easily soothed when made to feel that making material donations is answering the call of duty, but from a safe distance; like looking at scenes of flood or famine on television from the safety of a warm, secure armchair. Politicians can get the same ‘feel-good’ factor when participating in their committees or passing yet more petty dictates. Though they collect their salaries and tax-free expenses with apparently clear consciences, they rarely solve the problems which remain for those dealing with, and coping with the hard facts that result in such heartbreak.

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