Children And Armed Conflict: Figures We Can’t Ignore.

The unpalatable truth remains constant; the innocent suffer the greatest casualties in any conflict, especially those involving modern warfare and the obscene carnage inflicted by its weaponry.

Researching Reform

One of our go-to newsletters for information on child welfare is the very excellent CRIN Wire, produced by the Child Rights International Network, whose website is also thought provoking and informative.

Usually we read the articles they share and tend to feel a little heavier for it, but this week’s mail took our breath away. As we were reading the summaries for each item, the sheer number of children who had been killed, recruited for war or exposed to its impact left us in disbelief.

Here are some of the statistics:

  • In South Sudan, 1,300 childrenwere recruited by armed forces and armed groups in 2016. The total number of children used in conflict since 2013 is now more than 17,000.
  • In Yemen, the UN estimates that nearly 1,400 children have been killed and at least 2,140 injured with actual numbers likely to be “much higher”.
  • In Syria, it…

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