Thank You, Obama.

The problems of Obama were rather like those being experienced by Jeremy Corbyn; being attacked by those who were elected by their constituents to help govern rather than snipe at the leadership from the sidelines, and to support a leader overwhelmingly elected by the people rather than stab him in the back because he dares to be a decent human-being.

Researching Reform

Ahead of Donald Trump’s inauguration as President of the United States at 5pm tomorrow, avid supporters of outgoing POTUS Barack Obama have taken to Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to show their appreciation for the former President.

The hashtag #ThanksObama, previously used to mock the President, has been turned on its head and social media users are adding it to photos and videos of the President and his family to express gratitude, and to show their support.

During his time in office, Obama was heavily criticised by many for his policy choices, strategy on foreign affairs and what some felt was a naive perception of politics.

We saw something different.

Whilst his time in office was not perfect, Obama lived his presidency like a man of principle rather than a cynic. He leaves us with a blueprint to protect the future.


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