Question It!

There are, so we are told, lies, damned lies – and statistics. When people seek the truth they do not expect the degree of obfuscation that is currently operating on those official channels down which people are directed, and along which they have to travel, finding, in too many cases that the journey is a thankless round of endless wandering after being sent on too many wild-goose-chases.

A bit like the current case before parliament; it seems the prime minister is indulging in creating a smoke-screen round the reported malfunction of a Trident missile – did she, or did she not know about the matter? It is a question, hanging like the sword of Damacles, that’s waiting for an answer. Honesty still remains the best policy; for eventually the truth emerges. The longer it hangs concealed then, like putrefying flesh, the stronger will be the reaction to the stench.

Researching Reform

Welcome to another week. A World War free week. For now.

As calls for transparency within the Family Courts continue, a growing number of questions raised by MPs in the House of Commons ask about the data available on these courts.

More often than not, the Ministry of Justice and other relevant departments are unable to provide this information, either due to what’s claimed to be a disproportionate cost in having to collect these stats, or simply because the data is not stored in the first place.

Much of the data not stored or efficiently recorded could be considered essential information.

A recent example of a written request asked for details about stalking and harassment orders issued from 2014-2015. Whilst data on the number of orders was available, the Minister responding confirmed that details about specific restrictions included in a restraining order was not held centrally and could only be obtained at an unreasonable…

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