Head Of Family Court On Children Talking To Judges

This is a hydra-like problem; many heads screaming to be heard, but it is the smallest head, that of the child, which encounters the greatest problem in getting heard.

Researching Reform

President of the Family Division James Munby has reminded the government that children who wish to speak to judges about their wishes and feelings during a case should be able to do so, in his latest update on the Family Court.

The reminder comes after Researching Reform published its Freedom Of Information Request asking the Ministry of Justice on an update in this area.

In the 16th View From The President’s Chambers, Muny adds a quote from Minister for Victims, Youth and Family Justice, Dr Lee as a gentle nudge. Dr Lee says:

“Guidance on children’s participation in proceedings is key to the voice of the child agenda. It is vital that we get this right, so the judiciary, Cafcass and Ministry of Justice are working carefully on this.  We need to explore ways to balance children’s stronger involvement in proceedings about them, while also making sure the system continues to…

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