Paris’ Best-Kept Museum Secret: A Walk Through the Jacquemart-André 

An architectural gem; perfectly enhanced by the beauty and elegance of all it contains.

It’s a tale as old as time: millionaire banker playboy spends fortune on world class art collection, builds mansion-sized bachelor pad in upscale Paris neighborhood. Has his portrait painted by a female artist one day, decides to marry her 10 years later. They travel the world, stuffing their home with priceless art souvenirs, agreeing that when they die the whole thing will be turned into an art museum.

Then they do…and then it is.

People often ask me for a lesser-known museum experience without all the tourist elbows to the ribs. Should anyone ever ask you for such a recommendation, the answer can always be the Musée Jacquemart-André.

The playboy mentioned above, Édouard André, began construction of his dream home in 1869. It was during the Second French Empire when livin’ was easy if you had a few extra zeros on the bank balance. After his marriage to artist Nélie Jacquemart, the two spent their lives creating one of…

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