How I Saw Paris This Week (Part One)

One to share.

I think it’s high time A French Frye in Paris got a recurring weekly segment. You guys deserve a dependable dose of Paris, and I’m apparently sick of the 11 minutes of free time I get each day.

With all the social media platforms out there, some of the photos I spend so much time nurturing and coddling get lost in the shuffle. And lots of them never make it onto the blog. So starting now, each Wednesday I’ll be recapping the photos I’ve put on social media the past week. Sort of a photo journal, I suppose.

If you already follow me on Facebook, Instagram, etc, you may see some repeats. But in these weekly recaps I’ll be adding captions with info or random thoughts that will be exclusive to this series. So there’s that. Enjoy and as usual hit me up in the comments!

This shop, Caractère de Cochon (3rd arr), is actually quite recent. But the owners have done such…

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