Victims Of Domestic Abuse Will Be Able To Vote Anonymously

Fear of further abuse or molestation is a hideous burden, so anything that will relieve that is to be welcomed.

Researching Reform

As part of a raft of new measures to better protect victims of domestic violence, the government has announced that it will be relaxing rules around voting so that victims of abuse can vote anonymously.

This measure is designed to prevent perpetrators of abuse from being able to track their victims online. At the moment, the law only allows anonymity when a court order is granted or if a senior police officer agrees.

The move could see a large increase in the number of police officers being able to grant anonymity, with social workers also potentially being given this power.

An extract from The Independent outlines potential ways this new measure could work:

“Under the changes, someone could be granted anonymity with documents including evidence of a person having been convicted of domestic abuse, or “findings of fact” that abuse took place.

Evidence that someone has been granted indefinite leave to…

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