Social Workers Are Still Visiting Schools In Secret – It’s Time To Stop It.

State sponsored kidnapping of children – unbelievable? Not so – read on and discover the appalling truth.

Researching Reform

In a case which bears all the hallmarks of shoddy child protection practice, a social worker has been criticised and a council fined for abducting a child from school to place her with new carers. 

This case has several aggravating factors.

The first is that the local authority decided to remove the child but never told the parents or the child in question, who had learning difficulties, about their decision.

The social worker in the case then went to the school unannounced, and removed the child. We do not know whether the child willingly left with the social worker or understood what was happening at the time.

The council’s reasons for removing the child without anyone’s knowledge was that one of the child’s carers was uncooperative and aggressive, and another carer failed to attend meetings. The carers in question were the child’s biological aunt and uncle. The child was also being…

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