Fighting for justice

Please read this and if anyone can help PLEASE DO SO.


Who can help me? Feels like no one’s there, when you have bills in the thousands because of court proceedings when all you want to do is protect your daughter 😞

So the inevitable happened, it was only a matter of time before it would of done anyway and maybe I shouldn’t even be writing about it on here. But I need to get it out, I need to scream but I can’t!

Back in July of 2016 my daughter told me her half brother from her “father” had been sexually abusing her she’s only 6 him 9 a repeated pattern of what he done to my sons when I was with his dad.

Court never listened to me wouldn’t even entertain what he did to my boys, so he was given no extra supervision when my daughter was having contact. My daughter told her “father” what had been happening…

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9 comments on “Fighting for justice

  1. Thank you from the bottom of my heart xx


  2. I thought that I was commenting on Maureen’s site where this mother’s plea for help was initially blogged.

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  3. Sorry Maureen the plight of that poor mother is now being reblogged so many times, I thought I had blogged this comment as per below originally with you. Universally apt: but very relevant in our corner of the principality where no proud man, woman or child is safe.

    This week I am told of another case of the abduction of a newborn from a West Wales Hospital.

    Another horrendous story of a young mother in despair where her children was taken on the back of lies by those that abuse their power and wallowing in impunity for personal and political gains.

    Here we have another parent screaming to be heard.
    When is this going to stop.
    Those paid from the public purse to act in the public interest must be challenged: are they not taking money from the public purse under false pretences.

    When two senior politicians say that there is a gang of criminals operating in County Hall.
    When a former leader says that 90% of those in County Hall are Freemasons.
    When an outgoing Police Commissioner describes the Council as Sicialian Maffia.

    Why do these people want to steal our children.
    Why do these people sit back in wilfull blindness outside their Corporate Parental Responsibility and watch as our children are stolen and abused at the public expense.
    Do do nothing we the public are part of it and are complicit to such henious crimes.

    They of public function obviously are as when they come together on the floor of the Council Chamber, the Welsh Assembly or Parliament colluding together to conceal henious organised crimes.

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    • Every day brings more stories of official corruption that fill me with horror. This web of pernicious malpractice looms ever larger as the power of the Establishment grows wider and stronger. Hopes of the power of ordinary people to invoke justice through the global internet has diminished as the power of the Establishment to infiltrate and subvert has developed.

      The fallacy that ‘good will always triumph in the end’ no longer convinces or comforts those who have had to remain undaunted and determined while they continue fighting injustice; convinced that evil can be overcome – in time – even if they go to their grave still fighting

      Sadly, the amount of time taken for justice to prevail may not be in the lifetime of all victims. The perpetrators too may not be brought to justice in their lifetime – as we have already seen in recent years. Nevertheless, cases have been highlighted, and even though the Establishment has succeeded in whitewashing those it protects, the stain on the characters of those accused will remain for history to judge.

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