Question It!

I fear we are still failing the vulnerable by not listening – really listening, and examining ALL aspects of the evidence placed before those trusted with hearing, listening – and acting upon what is recounted in front of them.

Too often lawyers twist evidence and make the vulnerable appear uncertain; causing them to look foolish, or their evidence to seem untruthful. This might be justified in criminal courts, but surely not in cases involving child exploitation? Vulnerable children and frightened mothers should not be subjected to such cruelty.

Researching Reform

Welcome to another week.

A medical researcher in the Netherlands has concluded that the surveys Dutch doctors use to detect child abuse very often leads to false accusations.  As of 2011, all emergency rooms and GPs in the country have to fill out a child abuse detection questionnaire whenever they treat a child. It is currently the only country in the world which has this kind of mandatory screening for child abuse.

The article tells us:

“Schouten investigated over 5 thousand such questionnaires from five Utrecht doctors. For her study, she kept track of how many negative and positive scores there were, and then how many of those children were in touch with child welfare or were reported to the child abuse hotline in the following 10 months. She found that in 92 out of 100 cases the suspicions were unfounded. And in 1 out of 100 cases, signs of child…

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