“More And More Paedophilically Inclined Men Start With Child Abuse Images.”

We castrate animals in order to remove the means as well as the urge for sexual gratification. Why not extend entire castration and the offer of rehabilitation to paedophiles as an alternative to imprisonment? The latter neither removes the urge nor the means to fulfill future depraved behaviour.

Researching Reform

A leading expert in Germany on paedophilia running a rehabilitation programme has warned that an increasing number of men are accessing child abuse images online to act out their fantasies.

This, only days after Britain’s senior child protection officer proposed that all paedophiles who access these images should be spared jail.

Dr Beier’s key points in the interview, make for important reading:

  • Paedophilia is not a choice;
  • Not every paedophile commits sex offences against children and not every sex offender is a pedophile;
  • There are two types of offenders – those paedophylically inclined and those who use children as substitutes due to the lack of relationships with those their own age
  • Paedophiles know that sexually abusing a child is wrong, so there is no diminished mental capacity involved;
  • More and more paedophiles are exploring their sexual orientation by accessing child abuse image online and;
  • Reoffending rates among sex offenders remain…

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