How Will Brexit Affect Children And Families?

Why must politicians and other worry mongers make such a monster of woe out of Brexit?
Considering we managed for hundreds of years without it, why all this fuss?
The only time we’ve been in trouble with Europe has been through various skirmishes resulting in war and blood-spilling caused by political decisions among those we have foolishly allowed to lead us.

Left alone, most people desire peace and goodwill. Time perhaps to disregard all those who want to stir up trouble and just get on with life.

Researching Reform

Prime Minister Theresa May has signed the letter which kick starts the UK’s departure from the EU. Whilst this is just a formality and we are unlikely to see big changes on the ground as a result of Article 50 being triggered, questions are now being asked about the impact of Brexit on families, and family law and policy.

At the moment most of the commentary is based on speculation. Last year concerns over what might happen to children being looked after by EU citizens were raised, with some fearing that carers or guardians would have to leave Britain and in so doing place children in precarious situations.  Bleak views suggesting that Brexit would lead to the erosion of children’s rights were also expressed.

Across social media platforms, family lawyers have suggested that things may not change as drastically as we imagine, with the UK simply enacting its own legislation and policies…

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