Autobiography of Mary E Wilson (9) – Making Friends – 1930

The story of an English girl starting life in America.

"Greatest Generation" Life Lessons

At this point in time, Mary seems to be very happy. We’ll find out tomorrow if it lasts for quite a while or is just a fleeting moment.


I took an extended course in nursing so that kept me busy four nights a week. Dr Sprague commended me on my efforts and advised me to go into training. I loved nursing but realized that this course would be the only chance I would have in my nursing career. My mother still dominated my life.

We did so much moving, or “flitting”, as the English people called it. When my father worked, we moved into a nice flat. When he lost his job we moved into a cheaper one. It seems as though, at that time, we were “flitted” on an average of twice a year. One flat on Asylum Street had no direct electricity because we used gas mantles. It…

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2 comments on “Autobiography of Mary E Wilson (9) – Making Friends – 1930

  1. jaggh53163 says:

    Maureen, Thank you very much for the re-Blog. It warms my heart when others help share the incredible stories of my family and others who are “The Greatest Generation”. Mary E Wilson’s story is particularly interesting.


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